Motion Picture Funding: A New Approach

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Early retirement was not an option. Instead, Robert Livingstone, former magazine publisher, serial entrepreneur, CEO, chose to pursue a long-time passion: making movies.

He quickly learned that the key to making movies is funding movies and has aligned himself with different capital sources to meet the needs of different producers.


If you're a producer with a complete business plan, including a definite and definitive distribution plan and a detailed budget, we can help. A great script, of course, is the essential foundation. Attachments help, but are not critical as long as you have an "Under Consideration" list that reflects the quality of the film.


Budgets from $2.5 million to $35 million.


Three options:


1. If you want to retain 100% equity in your project, you'll need to have about 20% of your budget in cash -- not soft money. Starting at $2.5 million. Limit is flexible.


2. If you can "show" 10% in cash, you'll retain 75% equity after the budget plus 5% interest is recovered. Starting at $5 million. Up to $35 million. Minimum in show money is $1 million.


3. We have investors interested in providing the "show" money provided they like the project. You will, however, be joining a lineup of producers waiting. If you take Option 2, you get funded relatively quickly.